Geingob pleased with Cabinet’s work despite COVID-19 challenges

Eba Kandovazu

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob says although Namibia faced challenges this year as a result of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, Government has stood strong and Cabinet has responded to multiple crises with swiftness and purpose.

At the last Cabinet meeting of the year, he says in the midst of immense human losses, Cabinet has provided the nation with the reassurance of direction, order and security. “In the eye of the storm, we have steered the ship towards calmer waters. Through your swift and decisive action, our nation has been able to avert a potential humanitarian disaster. At this juncture, I wish to thank you and the frontline soldiers who have courageously held the frontline in our war against COVID-19. Specifically, I wish to commend Health Care Workers, First Responders, Members of our Namibian Defence Force, Law Enforcement Agencies and public officials, who since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, have risked their lives daily on the frontlines,” the President says.

He reiterates that the work of Cabinet has not suffered and that the collective responsibility to spearhead the fight against poverty, corruption and income inequality cannot take a backseat due to Covid-19. “I have the utmost confidence that as you have done this year, going forward, you will display the responsibility, drive and initiative to make sure that the pulse of our economy beats with strength and consistency once more. With a commitment to teamwork and unity, we can push ahead towards a brighter horizon where we will be able to restore economic confidence and emerge as a more resilient nation,” Geingob says.

He notes that although Government has implemented “best” efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, the threat of a fourth wave looms large.

“The detection of the Omicron variant in Namibia places us in danger of returning to more stringent measures, if we do not, as a nation, collectively take the necessary steps to avoid rapid spread. At this juncture, I wish to repeat my clarion call made during the 37th Covid-19 briefing, which took place on Monday, that we shall not defeat this deadly virus if we don’t take individual responsibility in this fight but in favour of the common good,” Geingob says.

He adds that going into the New Year, Cabinet’s ultimate priority should be to achieve a swift and robust rate of implementation of Cabinet decisions as a means to aid economic recovery.
“However, we must also note that economic recovery will not be possible if we don’t hold hands and pull in the same direction, as a nation. For instance, Government can only do so much but if we, as Namibians, do not achieve the desired vaccination rate to secure heard immunity, our recovery efforts will be jeopardized,” he stresses.

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