Geingob remembered as a pillar of Namibian liberty and peace

Niël Terblanché

A touching tribute during a candlelight vigil at the Omafo Business Expo in Helao Nafidi, unfolded as Charles Namoloh, former Minister of Defence, solemnly commemorated President Hage Geingob.

Describing him as one of Namibia’s most selfless leaders, Namoloh’s homage brought to light the depth of Geingob’s sacrifices and his relentless dedication to the welfare of the nation.

Namoloh, with a tone of reverence, recounted President Geingob’s unparalleled commitment to education and his tireless efforts to harness opportunities for the collective upliftment of all Namibians.

“President Geingob was a beacon of hope and a warrior for justice,” he reflected, touching on the president’s 27-year exile, a testament to his unyielding fight for Namibia’s liberation.

Beyond his political achievements, Geingob’s legacy as an advocate for justice and a significant peacekeeper was celebrated.

Namoloh portrayed a leader whose life was a noble battle for his country’s freedom and prosperity, a narrative that deeply resonated with those in attendance.

“His legacy is one of courage, dedication, and an unwavering love for his country, which will forever be etched in the annals of our history,” Namoloh said.

The significance of remembering and valuing the history of Namibia’s liberation struggle was a focal point of Namoloh’s speech.

He stressed that President Geingob’s story and contributions are pivotal to comprehending the nation’s arduous journey toward sovereignty and democracy.

Namoloh also highlighted Geingob’s unique role as a director of elections, underlining his diverse contributions to shaping the nation’s political landscape.

As the community gathered in remembrance, Namoloh’s words served not just as a eulogy but as a clarion call to recognize the lasting impact of selfless leadership.

He urged the preservation of the memories of those who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the nation.

According to Namoloh, President Geingob’s legacy is a beacon that will continue to guide future generations of Namibians.

“It stands as a reminder of the power of justice, peace, and equality, inspiring all to pursue these ideals with the same passion and dedication that Geingob exemplified throughout his life,” he added.

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