Geingob served the nation selflessly – Ndala

Martin Endjala

The youth leader of the Landless People’s Movement, Duminga Ndala while paying tribute to President Hage Geingob, described him as a leader who served the nation and the international community, selflessly.

“The LPM Youth Command Element joins the Namibian nation and the rest of the world in mourning the death of a leader of note who selflessly served the Namibian nation and the international community. The late President will always be remembered for appreciating the skills and talents of young people. This is evident in the number of young people he groomed and appointed in strategic positions,” she said.

Ndala described the former head of state as one of the first Presidents in Africa to establish the Office of Advisor on Youth Matters and Enterprise Development.

The office is dedicated to empowering youth and ensuring that youth matters are mainstreamed in governmental policies and programs.

She said Geingob’s pioneering step set a benchmark for other African countries to emulate and today most African Countries have established such offices.

Ndala also said that his commitment towards building an inclusive Namibia will continue to be a beacon of hope to young people in the struggle to be freed from all forms of discrimination and social exclusion.

She urged all young people to emulate his selfless leadership legacy and honour it by empowering emerging talents from all grassroots.

Ndala emphasised that young people who have succeeded in their careers, now have a duty to transfer their skills to the nation and the next generation, thereby creating a future that is full of prospects.

She maintained that the future is the youth while also stressing that it is high time for young people to start carrying each other by selflessly providing their services to others who lack skills and knowledge.

“Teaching pupils at libraries or community centres how to operate a computer, reading and writing amongst others are a few examples young people can tap into,” she said.

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