Geingob was a gift that kept on giving – Ndjaronguru

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Commissioner Johan Ndjaronguru, who served as President Hage Geingob’s bodyguard for about 22 years, said the former head of state was extremely generous, not only with money but also by loving and availing himself to everyone.

Ndjaronguru made these remarks at the Windhoek Showground during a memorial service for the late Head of State. He said Geingob had a soft heart which made him vulnerable, something that is not often associated with leadership, and it exposed him to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either verbally or emotionally.

“He allowed himself to the possibility of being attacked, harmed, insulted, without becoming or seeing himself as a victim. This is something that I struggled to understand but I also saw the positive impact his attitude had on others,” said Ndjaronguru.

The man who has been entrusted with the safety of the President said Geingob was a loyal and patriotic man, and this cannot be better illustrated by his commitment to the Swapo Party, the Government of the Republic of Namibia, his family and the entire Namibian Nation.

“With the arrival of the smartphones, he was willing to learn even from someone a quarter of his age, especially when it came to technology. He was generous and I often told him that he took it to the extreme, not only with money but with himself.

He was the gift that kept on giving. He was loving and loveable. Madam Monica, his children and many others can attest to that,” Ndjaronguru said. He added that Geingob always put great emphasis on consultation and dialogue and taught him to never make a decision in isolation but to always consult because people go to war when diplomacy fails.

“Being truthful was very important to him. He hated being lied to because he remembered everything. This was one of his principles that always upset him to the core.

No amount of gifts could ever be enough to show my gratitude, respect and admiration for him. Neither would there be enough time to narrate, verbalize or write our collective gratitude, respect and admiration for our beloved and departed President,” he extoled.

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