Get Deezer – put together your own playlist

…spend time singing to yourself

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Even though things are opening up again, the down time on our own should have taught us ways to have fun at home, in our own gardens, with our family members and for less money than we otherwise would have spent.

Check out the music service called: “#Deezer”.

Since I found it, I have been singing different songs in the shower and to my pets. My 2 dogs and 2 cats told me they love hearing the updated music (they were getting tired of hearing the same old songs).

Deezer has nearly 53 million songs. They did a good job including the most popular music in each area. They still have a long way to go in carrying local Namibian musicians, though South African musicians, of course, are there.

Still, Deezer is a nice option if you want to find something different. The service is not cheap, it is a monthly commitment. It is offered in three tiers: an ad-supported Discovery tier, a premium version that runs US$9.99/N$174 and an Elite version, essentially offers the Rolls-Royce of streaming music services, for US$14.99/N$260.25 (June 2nd rate: 1USD = ZAR17.43).

If your salary has been chopped in half, it is hard to hold on to entertainment expenses, but having great music available at the push of a button is affordable. Since you can’t afford new clothes or shoes or holidays or jewellery or perfume, springing for music that is ever changing and limitless (in terms of downloads and making playlists), is a good deal.

Movie theatres are closed but soon, hopefully they will re-open and that line of entertainment will revive. I await the live bands and singers that will re-emerge again in Namibia. Folks out there – Support local musicians!! Please, pay for music, don’t just copy it. Go to local shows when you can. If you cannot afford every weekend, then do it once a month or once every other month. The point is, spend some money on our local musicians and artists. Or, they will fade away.

There are lots of music services to be sure. I checked out Spotify as well and they have more music depth than Deezer of course, but seriously…if you can’t find great music in 53 million songs on Deezer, something is wrong with you.

Everyone has different tastes in music. I am a middle aged sista’ from the ‘hood and enjoy my old school soul. But, my scope is not that limited.

I love pop music from British hip-hop and street music singers like My ‘Hood by Ray Bik, and anything by Seinabo Sey. Of course, my girl Alicia Keys always has something to say to me. I enjoy country music that tells stories about hard working people, family life, love and break-ups. I love most of Blake Shelton’s stuff and everything by the Dixie Chicks.

I love Billie Ellish’s Bad Guy and all music by Sam Smith and Adele. But, I am into Toosie Slide by Drake and Here and Now by Kenny Chesney and Don’t Wanna and The Steps by HAIM. And, I found a great new release by Dolly Parton called, When Life is Good Again. That one made me cry, but it was a hopeful cry.

The ‘hood came callin’ and I went back in the day to rock to N.W. A. and F*ck the Police. I just wanted to remind myself of where I come from as my people are being killed with white men’s knees on their necks. Deezer allowed me to take that musical journey and express some righteous anger.

Entertain yourself with music. Check out Deezer and decide. Start singing at home to make life feel better.

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