Get out of your head and get into something new

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Check out WhatsOn Namibia –

It is time to get back into the saddle…at least a little bit.

Get on to the mailing list of WhatsonNamibia noted above. They will send you notices of different events that are happening virtually and after this cup passes, they will send events that you can attend.

I think this is a part of the new normal! I rarely have time after a long day at work to go to Song Night, but I always have wanted to go. Now, because it is online on Wednesdays, I’ll be able to ‘be there’ and hear talented Namibian performers.

Now, when all of this is lifted, I will make certain to go to their shows too. Isn’t there a way to subscribe to something like Song Night, where people can pay something that can support the artists? We are all broke, with late or half salaries, but maybe there is something left (other than cobwebs) in our wallets to help artists that are entertaining us to keep us sane?


Future Females Swakopmund will have another event on 21 May which will be about Mindset and Beliefs. Join them for a live chat about our upcoming event tonight, 19:00 on Instagram.

National Art Gallery will open its doors again on Tuesday.

If you can’t wait, view exhibitions on their website.

For some music, follow Song Night Namibia on Facebook. Join them live every Wednesday, or watch the concert recordings, e.g. from RMB Song Night ft. Zikii or Bradley Anthony.

Let’s Talk Psychologist posted a discussion about the Psychology of the Lockdown, the Mental Implications of the Phase 2. Visit their Facebook page to view the videos. They are also having some upcoming events on “help my wallet is broken” and “these kids of today”. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

Last but not least: If you can’t wait to see something else than your office and you own four walls, go check-out Local Tourism is Lekker on Facebook where they post accommodation specials.

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