GIPF inaugurates new Outapi office

Martin Endjla

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) celebrated the decentralization of services and enhanced accessibility during the official opening of its new regional office in Outapi.

Edwin Tjiramba, the GIPF’s General Manager of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, stressed the importance of this expansion and reiterated the GIPF’s commitment to decentralization and bringing services nearer to the populace.

With the GIPF now present at 11 regional and four satellite offices, the institution aims to meet and exceed the expectations of its members, many of whom are far from Windhoek.

Tjiramba said the development aligns with the GIPF’s strategic vision of extending its reach across all 14 regions of Namibia, ensuring that its services are within closer proximity to its members and beneficiaries.

Evan Mswahu, Vice Chairperson of the GIPF Board of Trustees, said that the establishment of the Outapi Regional Office is a direct outcome of the Fund’s strategic intent and mandate.

“The office is not just a physical space but a representation of the GIPF’s commitment to providing retirement and ancillary benefits more effectively through regional presence and visibility,” he said.

According to Mswahu, the construction of the Outapi office at a cost of N$6 million, not only facilitated job opportunities during its development phase but also stands as a sustainable investment in the local economy.

He added that the project provided employment for a variety of construction professionals, and now, as a fully operational office, it continues to offer employment opportunities, supporting the GIPF’s commitment to socio-economic development.

Erginus Endjala, the Governor of the Omusati Region, in his address, lauded the GIPF’s efforts in promoting social and economic development.

He said that the Omusati Region has already seen considerable benefits from GIPF’s investments, including approximately N$67.4 million funnelled through the First Capital home loans scheme for civil servants.

“This scheme has significantly contributed to improving living conditions and bolstering the local housing market,” he said.

The inauguration of new office facilities reflects the GIPF’s dedication to innovation, growth, and the creation of a conducive environment for fostering creativity and collaboration among its employees.

He said that positioning the facility in a strategic location in Outapi will significantly reduce the cost, distance, and time members and beneficiaries have to incur to access GIPF services.

As the largest defined benefits pension fund and the single biggest investor in the Namibian economy, with assets valued at N$151 billion, the GIPF continues to play a crucial role in driving national development and supporting the government’s decentralization policy.

The GIPF’s investments, notably in sustainable development initiatives, align with various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), further cementing its role in the socio-economic fabric of Namibia.

Endjala was of the opinion that the inauguration of the Outapi Regional Office marks a new chapter for the GIPF, its members, and the broader Omusati Region, promising enhanced service delivery, economic growth, and a brighter future for all Namibians.

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