Give Ramatex to SMEs – LPM

Stefanus Nashama

The Landless People’s Movement says that the government can still create a conducive environment to fill up the gap left by the closure of the Ramatex clothing factory despite the company’s dark history of actively violating labour rights and later leaving the country without ever fulfilling its great potential.

LPM National Spokesperson, Lifalaza Smataa yesterday said Ramatex could serve as an industrial space for small businesses, and serve as another manufacturing space once again that is well supervised and domestically to avoid another failure.

“There are a lot of people with skills and educational backgrounds but they are not given the opportunity and support to utilize their skills to boost the Ramatex market,” he said.

He further said various stakeholders and youth with innovative and dynamic thoughts to add value to the growth of the economy and job creation should be engaged to revitalise the factory complex.

He emphasised that the Ramatex buildings, the space, and structures can be used for various activities and as various means to an end.

“We agreed that the closer and stand of Ramatex market does not serve the people of Namibia in any capacity as a vacant area with no economic output,” he stated.

He said there is more to job creation and entrepreneurship than having a specific trade and skills without support, adding that Ramatex could add another value to job creation in the country.

The initial Ramatex has a questionable amount of support from the government which may have been on their own but now we have reached a point in time where there is not enough support for the youth, he reiterated.

Smataa said what is needed is appropriate means and plans to best ensure that we succeed this time around, and avoid the same poor decisions made that led to the initial failure of Ramatex.

He said filling the gap of Ramatex will also allow the City of Windhoek to generate revenue that could help it to better manage its mandate.

“The city is aware of business functions, business lacking, and the needs of people within the city,” he said.

He added that the youth will benefit from many opportunities if Ramatex is more utilized productively and sustainably than before.

He has since urged the government to consider means and opportunities for the youth to succeed in creating businesses and jobs.

Ramatex has been abandoned since 2008 after it filed for bankruptcy, and many people lost their jobs when it shut down its operations in the same year.

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