Gobabis municipality hunting for power cable thieves

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The Gobabis municipality, with the help of the police is on a wild goose hunt for thieves that cut and stole copper wire electricity cables in the eastern town last week.

Mayor, Elvire Theron, says the municipality is willing to give a “token” to anyone who comes forth with information regarding the matter. She further says the restoration of the power after it went out last Friday was very costly. Especially infrastructural and security cost. She did not want to say the exact amount but highlighted that the restoration financial implications were more than N$50 000.

This is the second theft with the first last July and the Mayor says they are busy working with the Department of Forestry to clean up the land in that area by removing bushes and trees so that the area becomes more visible. Additionally, solar lights will be put on the specific poles where the electricity is to ensure the theft does not occur in the future. Theron further urges residents to “build Gobabis and not break down while others are building.”

The power cables were allegedly dug and cut out in the wee hours of last Friday morning and midnight, which left the entire town without electricity. The cables that where cut are about 20 metres long and allegedly the selling of copper and strap metal is a lucrative business in the town as according to the Mayor the thieves that stole cables are experts as “they were able to shot-circuit the electricity to not get electrocuted”.

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