Government denies electricity distributor for the City

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) Spokesperson, Andreas Simon, says City of Windhoek Mayor, Job Amupanda’ s allegations of a new electricity distributor for the Khomas Region are false and “there is no such thing”.

He further acknowledges there were discussions regarding a Central Regional Electricity Distribution but however they were not fruitful and he believes those discussions did not lead far.

Similarly Ministry of Public Enterprise Spokesperson, Johnathan Swartz, says they are not aware of anything of that nature and redirected the Windhoek Observer to MME.

This comes after Amupanda in viral social media post claims that Government has decided to increase the cost of electricity in Windhoek and plans to introduce a new Government company that will sell electricity to residents of Windhoek instead of the City of Windhoek (CoW) municipality.

This new company will allegedly have the same structure and functions as Northern Electricity Distributor (NORED), which includes a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managers, Engineers and “everything that the City already has”.

Amupanda further alleges that among the many purposes of the company, is to be the gateway for Government to allocate tenders under dubious conditions, to destabilise and collapse the financial position and state of the CoW.

“They will of course give tenders to cronies and the results and the aim is obvious, to collapse the finances of Windhoek just when we were about to get the finances of our city right.”

As a result, he says, this would cause financial constraints to the City and would mean that citizens will now have pay more for electricity than what you are paying to CoW.

“The city will be left with no choice but to increase your rate and taxes because this new company will have a huge effect on the cash flow of the city.”

Amupanda says this new company comes when the City is starting to get their house in order pointing out that “uncaring politician’s strikes like thunder”, but assuring that the City will fight this to the end.

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