Government spends more than N$114m on construction of fire stations

Martin Endjala

The government through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development spent more than N$114 million on the construction of fire stations to date across the country, and a total of 34 local authorities have benefited from the support and capacity development and disaster management programme.

According to Urban and Rural Development Minister Erastus Uutoni, local authorities have a legal obligation to establish and maintain effective fire and emergency services at all times.Uutoni said this at the inauguration of the fire station of the Rehoboth Town Council on Monday which was built to the tune of N$4.1 million, the first-ever fire station in Rehoboth.

“I encourage leaders, management, staff and the entire Rehoboth community to take pride in their office and support the fire brigade in its operations,” said Uutoni.

The Minister reiterated that the government remains committed to providing service delivery to the people while ensuring that every Namibian lives a dignified life.

Rehoboth Mayor Amanda Ludmilla Groenewaldt said that the fire station, with all its twists and turns, became a reality as it will serve the people of Rehoboth and the surrounding areas.

Rehoboth town has been without a fire station for some years now.

However, she emphasised the need to ensure that the station is well maintained for its longevity and for future generations.

She said that for the Rehoboth Town Council management, it is yet another tick-off of its capital project for the current financial year, striving to make Rehoboth a destination for investors and a town with infinite possibilities.

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