Governor calls on inhabitants to support govt projects

Martin Endjala

The Karas Regional Governor Aretha Fredricks has called on inhabitants to support development initiatives that are earmarked for the region, intended to grow the region’s economy as well as uplifting the living standards of its inhabitants.

The Governor made this call during her regional update report today.

Projects planned in the region are often received with suspicion due to them not adequately addressing the conditions of the people. And it is for this reason that she adviced the esidents to partake in the development of the region by also playing their role.

Fredricks said that the recent development plans have attracted several investors to the region, while also highlighting the social challenges the region had to endure.

The Governor was referring to various projects that are underway in the region. In her regional update report, she said that in the financial year under review, about 8000 jobs were created in the region through various projects, as well as the N$1.5 million state funds that were utilized to build schools in the region.

The African Development Bank also committed about N$22 million in building schools and hostels across the region. The Governor’s office was also constructed with state funds at a cost of N$20 million.

The governor emphasized that the local authorities should remain focus in rendering services to its residents, while pointing out that 300 plots were surveyed in the region of which about 139 benefited from the allocation of plots. Capital projects created 168 temporary jobs during the year under review worth N$134 million project.

The prolonged drought of nearly seven years, has hugely impacted the agricultural sector in a negative way, the Governor said, adding that agriculture does not only contribute to food security but it creates self-employment.

She continued by saying that the various horticultural projects in collaborations with different stakeholders has seen 53 farmers getting equipped with horticultural educational skills of which 25 farmers benefited from the projects involving livestock farming through pig and goats project initiatives across the region.

The Southern Unam campus in the region also serves as the region’s research harbour for piloted programs in the region, specifically in the hydrogen green project among other ground projects, in which the Governor has been applauded it for the commendable efforts it makes to provide valuable data collection.

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