Grootfontein single quarters residents must relocate

Niël Terblanché

In an effort to improve the living conditions for residents, the Grootfontein Municipality has embarked on an ambitious project to construct 100 new houses.

This initiative is a key component of its 2024/2028 Strategic Plan and aims to relocate inhabitants of the old single quarters.

The area where the facilities are located has been long overdue for redevelopment.

The decision to demolish the dilapidated single quarters comes as part of a broader effort to address housing needs and enhance the quality of life for members of the community.

With more than 60 houses already completed, the project is well underway to provide modern, sustainable homes for the 1,400 residents currently living in the single quarters.

Indileni Lungameni, the Acting CEO of the Grootfontein Municipality, while acknowledging the economic realities faced by half of the single quarters inhabitants also stressed the municipality’s commitment to inclusivity.

“For those unable to afford the new houses, the council has allocated serviced land, ensuring that no resident is left behind in the town’s march towards progress,” he said.

He said the redevelopment of the area in the vicinity of the single quarters is a significant push to alleviate the housing shortage currently experienced in the town.

“The council has made two thousand erven available, specifically targeting residents within the ultra-low-income bracket,” he added.

He added that in addition to providing affordable housing, the municipality has launched several infrastructural projects to further enhance living standards.

“Among these are the rehabilitation of the oxidation pond and the completion of construction and electrification works at Omulunga Extension 8,” he said.

According to Lungameni, the initiative also includes upgrading the town’s infrastructure, with a one-kilometre section of Sam Nujoma Street being enhanced with interlocks and ongoing maintenance of gravel roads to bitumen standards, funded annually by the Road Fund Administration.

He, however, said the timing for the construction of the Open Market, a much-anticipated development, remains contingent on the availability of funds, indicating that while significant progress has been made, the journey towards comprehensive urban renewal in Grootfontein continues.

Lungameni said that the holistic approach to urban planning and development by the Grootfontein Municipality reflects a forward-thinking strategy to not only address immediate housing needs but also to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and community well-being in the years to come.

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