Harambee Prosperity Plans yielded fruit despite challenges

Niël Terblanché

Namibian President, Nangolo Mbumba, announced that the ambitious Harambee Prosperity Plans, both the first and second iterations, have achieved their objectives, navigating through the trials of COVID-19 and persistent drought to usher in an era of economic revitalization.

He said that as Namibia charts a course towards recovery, various sectors are witnessing a resurgence, notably agriculture, mining, tourism, oil and gas, and the burgeoning field of green energy.

Mbumba’s call to action for the ministries overseeing these vital areas during the official opening of Cabinet is clear: expedite the implementation of all pending programs to accelerate economic development and, crucially, generate employment opportunities, especially for the youth.

According to Mbumba, the evidence of success is undeniable.

“Namibia’s economic growth, having soared to 7.2 percent in the third quarter of the last year, now eclipses pre-pandemic levels,” he said.

He added that this robust performance is mirrored in the Bank of Namibia’s economic outlook, which forecasts a Gross Domestic Product growth of 3.4 percent for the current year.

According to the President, the country enjoyed a record tourist influx during the recent festive season, highlighting the appeal and resilience of Namibia’s tourism sector.

Amid these developments, Mbumba has highlighted the green hydrogen industry as a cornerstone for Namibia’s economic transformation.

He added that with several pilot projects poised to commence operations this year, the country is positioned at the forefront of green energy innovation.

The President said the strategic pivot not only stresses Namibia’s commitment to sustainable development but also promises to significantly diversify and strengthen its economy.

According to Mbumba, the success of the Harambee Prosperity Plans amidst daunting challenges is a narrative of hope and determination and it reflects Namibia’s unwavering commitment to its developmental goals and its ability to harness strategic initiatives for national prosperity.

He said that as the country continues on this positive trajectory, the foundations laid by these plans offer a blueprint for sustainable growth and a brighter future for all Namibians.

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