Hermann Gmeiner probed for stolen funds

Staff Writer

Hermann Gmeiner Primary School staff and management are being probed for alleged misappropriation of school funds.

The Windhoek Observer was unable to determine the value of the stolen funds.

According to an inside source at the school, the money which is usually in the school safe has allegedly been misappropriated by the principal.

“The principal is under investigation for ‘eating’ up the school’s money. I’m not really sure about the amount but it was removed from the school safe about two months ago,” said the source.

She added that the learners’ parents are complaining why the school is requesting for funds while the school is under investigation for missing funds.

“Some parents have refused to pay the voluntary funds, and have questioned why they should pay whilst the school is being accused and is currently under investigation for misusing school funds,” she added

The Director in the Khomas Directorate of Education, Arts, and Culture Mr Paulus Nghikembua confirmed the investigation but refused to reveal further details.

“There is an internal investigation currently ongoing and it will remain such because this is a school. I cannot comment anything on the current investigations,” he stated

Maureen Gottlieb, the principal of Hermann Gmeiner Primary School said “I will not comment on that “.

The Windhoek primary school is one of the highest-ranked academic schools in the Khomas region with excellent academics, leadership, sports, and culture.

The school has approximately 1500 students from Grade 0 through 7.

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