Historic Launch of African Club Association in Cairo Paves the Way for Football Excellence

Cairo, Egypt – In a landmark event for African football, senior executives and club chairpersons from various football clubs across the continent gathered in Cairo, Egypt, to witness the inauguration of the African Club Association (ACA). The prestigious launch, hosted at the Marriot Mena House, was graced by the presence of the President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Dr. Patrice Motsepe.

The kick-off meeting, held on October 5, 2023, marked the commencement of a new era for African club football. Dr. Motsepe, in his address to the assembled dignitaries, outlined the pivotal objectives of the newly formed African Club Association. These objectives are set to revolutionize the landscape of African club football and elevate its standing on the global stage.

The primary goals of the African Club Association include protecting and promoting the interests of African football clubs. Dr. Motsepe emphasized the need for these clubs to be not only commercially viable but also globally competitive and profitable. The establishment of the ACA aims to create a collaborative platform where stakeholders can work together to achieve these objectives.

One of the key focal points highlighted by Dr. Motsepe is the commitment to ensuring that referees, match commissioners, and VAR operators are not only respected but also maintain credibility, independence, and world-class standards. This move is anticipated to enhance the integrity and fairness of African club football.

Furthermore, the ACA aims to forge partnerships with sponsors, the private sector, and governments to facilitate the construction of stadiums that comply with both CAF and FIFA standards. The initiative extends beyond stadiums, encompassing various football infrastructure and facilities in each of the 54 CAF member associations.

Youth development is another cornerstone of the African Club Association’s mission. The establishment of academies for boys and girls across the continent is envisioned to nurture and develop African youth talent, ultimately elevating the quality of African club football to a world-class level.

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