Homosexuality is a call from God: Mushunina

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JEREMIAH Mushunina has urged President Hage Geingob not to sign Swapo Parliamentarian and former Youth Minister, Jerry Ekandjo’s anti-same-sex marriage Private Member’s Bill.

Mushunina became famous after he publicily outted a male pastor whom he was in a homosexual relationship with and was also one of the guest speakers at the Ondangwa anti-gay and same-sex marriage rally.

Mushunina stated in a video extensively circulated on social media that homosexuality is a “call from God,” and that no one should deceive the public by attempting to come clean while interacting with people who engage in the practice.

“I was used, my life was in danger, and I visit the toilet every minute. Comrade Hage, you should never sign that Bill from Comrade Ekandjo, never. Do not be perplexed by those folks coming out against homosexuality, they sit and hold meetings with LGBT people and also eat with gays,” said Mushunina.

He slammed public opponents who said Justice Minister, Yvonne Dausab should be removed from her post since she is married to a woman.

He stated that the Minister is qualified for the position and cannot be removed from the ministry because she has done nothing wrong.

He stated that no one should decide what to do with one’s body.

He further argued that many people who are said to be anti-homosexuality are not; they are on both sides and wish to benefit from both.

Mushunina stated that individuals who oppose homosexuality are simply making noise and cannot effect anything.

He specifically calls Pendapala Nakathingo, the National Chairperson of the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association and the president of the Group Fighting Against Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage, a coward.

What Nakathingo is attempting is tribalism, which would not work in Namibia because it is not the Republic of Oshiwanbo, according to Mushunina.

He stated that Nakathingo communicates with Pastor Hendrick Shuudeni.

“You should not fool the public into believing that you are fighting homosexuality,” he stated.

He encouraged him to leave the way things are, and said is not going to stop until he receives money from the ‘Corrupt Regime,’ because many individuals in the regime used him.

He asserted that many people have benefited financially from homosexuality, and he intends to do the same.

He did not, however, reveal the names of those who he says used him through the practice.

Attempts to get a response from Nakathingo were futile.

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