How to get houses below N$800 000

Malcolm Ndjiharine

Last year I received a call from a young lady who was interested in a 3-bedroom house for sale in Wanaheda. She asked when she could view the house and I told her we were showing the house later that day at 18:00, of which she said she was not able to. She then proceeded to say she would only see it the following day and I said no problem, provided the house is still available.

To my surprise, the madam called back a few minutes later and confirmed to rather view that same day at 18:00. That tiny decision allowed her to be early enough and managed to walk away with a newly renovated house for only N$750 000.

So what did she do right that we can all learn from? Firstly, as soon as she saw the house, she called immediately. Most people see a bargain and then they text instead, agents can be quite busy and responding to texts can be the last thing on the mind. Secondly she had her pre-approval ready. Thirdly she made a decision fast because bargains are in demand and delaying a decision can cost you to lose out.

In addition, send your bank pre-approval to several agents. This allows you to be one of the first (early bird gets the worm) people agents will call once they get a bargain in your price range.

Lastly, keep up with the deputy sheriff auctions. Windhoek Deputy Sheriff can be called at 061 248568.

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