Husab mine foresees a lifespan of 20 Years

Situated in the Erongo Region, the Husab mine stands as the second-largest uranium mine, boasting a staggering investment of US$5 billion, and it holds the potential to remain operational for over two decades.

During the first half of the current year, uranium production at Swakop Uranium’s Husab Mine surged by 10% compared to the budgeted commitment. Tallying at 2426 tonnes, the uranium production for the first half of 2023 marked a remarkable 45% upturn from the same period in 2022. This significant enhancement in uranium production can be attributed to the robust performance in mining and milling witnessed so far this year. In comparison to the first half of 2022, the mining and milling volumes for the first half of 2023 escalated by 29.6% and 20.2% respectively.

Swakop Uranium emphasizes that the Husab Mine plays a vital role in stimulating the local economy. In the previous year, the company injected over N$3.2 billion into the local economy through avenues such as local procurement, taxes, royalties, employee salaries and benefits, as well as social investments.

The company has made substantial investments, including over N$6.5 billion in stripping costs, through the expansion of the Zone 1 stage 3 and Zone 2 stage 3 open pit pushbacks. Additionally, N$81 million has been allocated for various equipment acquisitions and resource development projects. Notably, an extra N$290 million is earmarked for the construction of a demonstration heap leach plant in the first half of the year. This strategic investment aims to unlock the potential for future uranium production, particularly from low-grade ore.

These investments in pit expansions and heap leach pilots are integral to securing ore reserves for future processing and supporting the Life-of-Mine plan. Swakop Uranium’s commitment to exploring the economic viability of processing lower-grade uranium ore is evident in their endeavor to construct a pilot heap leach plant. By the conclusion of 2025, the heap leach pilot plant tests will reach completion, informing further investment decisions on the expansion to a commercial heap leach plant, pending economic feasibility.

Over the past year, the company has invested a significant U$4.4 billion in local procurement costs. With a workforce encompassing approximately 1700 permanent employees and over 2000 contracting staff, the Husab Mine continues to make a substantial impact on the local economy. In 2022 alone, Swakop Uranium’s contributions amounted to over N$3.2 billion, spanning local procurement, tax and royalty contributions, employee remuneration, benefits, and social investments.

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