I do not serve for fame but to impact lives: Kanyetu

Martin Endjala

Former All People’s Party (APP) Secretary General, Vincent Kanyetu has rubbished claims that are portraying him as an instigator and running office for his own benefit and popularity, arguing that he is not in politics for fame but to serve the nation and to impact lives.

Kanyetu resigned from the party on 19 August 2023, saying that he wants to focus on family and detach himself from APP which he labelled as a “tribalist” driven and non-centred nation party.

In an interview with this publication this week, Kanyetu said he has realised that since Namibia’s independence in 1990, the nation is incomplete.

He said that the growth which was expected by many Namibians has not yielded results, therefore according to him, the struggle is not over. He stated that he is going to focus on advocating to change most of the issues while resting.

Kanyetu’s resignation comes after he was suspended on 10 June this year by the party on allegations of giving false information and not taking minutes of party’s gatherings as well as disobeying the party’s directives.

“Yes, I did resign. I lost trust and confidence in the team. I am a Christian and I refuse to associate myself with any Ant-Christ-related matters and many more others,” he said.

Kanyetu said that people who continue to be experiencing poverty every day and the continuous blame game on the Swapo led-government is a wrong notion.

“SWAPO party is not to be blamed for everything in this country, we as leaders and oppositions parties must also share accountability for we all serve the Namibian nation.

I am a nationalist, and I serve every Namibian no matter who they are or where they are from, so we need to put an end to this thing of pointing fingers at each other when things go haywire, like what is happening now with people portraying me for something that I’m not. I can never have peace while the nation continues to suffer,” he said.

Kanyetu refused to reveal his next political move when questioned about what he intends to do next or if he will join another party, saying it is still too early to make a decision but he will pronounce himself in due course.

He did, however, revealed that several political parties have contacted him, with some promising him good salary offers, however, he is yet to make up his mind as to what to do next.

Furthermore, he argued that politics can rob him of his family, hence he wants to fully focus on his family while debunking judgments speared towards him as uncalled for, adding that he has always served with honesty, dignity and with principles.

“In my personal capacity ever since I joined politics, my bank account has never reported N$50 000 salary, it was always below N$24 000, but opportunities were there to chop money as many of you call it, but I never did, and as a servant, I understood what leadership is, so people should be careful in judging people, said Kanyetu.

In refuting the claims, he emphasized that any party that is not putting the interests of the nation before its agendas is not worthy of being part of it.

Hence, his decision to quit APP and invest his energy where he can impact lives without intimidation.

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