“I don’t hate Chinese and Indians “ – Mukwiilongo

Stefanus Nashama

In response to people who say he hates Chinese and Indian nationals, the Leader of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Epafras Mukwiilongo, denied the accusations and that he does not have personal issues with their businesses.

Mukwiilongo said this in an interview with Windhoek Observer yesterday.

According to him, the only thing he hates about Chinese and Indian businesspeople is the labour hiring system they are using to pay Namibians slave wages.

He highlighted that it is a sad truth that Chinese and Indian businessmen men and women are paying Namibian peanuts in an independent Namibia while walking away with millions of local dollars.

“That is what I hate, not them. It cannot happen in an independent Namibia. Their businesses must be able to give Namibians employment benefits, medical aids, bonuses, pensions and pay those better salaries and other things,” he emphasised.

At the same time, Mukwiilongo stressed that he would not sit back and watch Namibians being exploited in their own country.

“They are paying these children N$850.00 per month, which is not enough for them at all. These kids are suffering and are unable to solve their needs with that money,” he reiterated

He added that the situation has also forced some women to sell their bodies and indulge in silly acts.

“Just because we talk about these things does not mean we hate them. We only want them to change and pay Namibians better,” Mukwiilongo explained.

He pointed out that Chinese and Indian businesses are not like other foreign businesses people.

Adding other businesses owned by foreign nationals has a better way of hiring employees.

“I am also a businessman and I pay people who work at tillers N$2500.00 per month.

They do not pay for water, and I buy some of them food too. Why is it so difficult for Chinese and Indian businesses to do the same,” he asked.

Mukwiilongo blamed the government for not holding the Chinese and Indians accountable for exploiting Namibians.

He also mentioned that the government has failed to address these issues for a long period.

He pointed out that the Minister of Labour is the son of the Founding President Sam Nujoma, and the Founding President does not like bad things, and for his son to sit and watch these things happening is a betrayal of the Namibian people, he added.

He urged the government to engage in addressing the matter and ensure that the law is changed to abolish the labour hiring system.

If the government cannot do what we are requesting them to do, what is next, he questioned, adding that what makes them take action against these businesses is the ignorance of the government on the matter.

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