I have done nothing wrong – Shiyuka

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The Windhoek Observer (WO) recently caught up with businessman and Community Security Solutions Namibia (CSS) Managing Director, Amos Shiyuka (AS) regarding fraud charged laid against him by the Namibian Police Force (Nampol), amid allegations of price inflating. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

WO: Have you been formally charged or questioned by the police regarding accusations of fraud that have been lodged against you and your company?

AS: No, at this point there have been no formal charges laid nor have I been formally questioned.

WO: Could you give reasons for the discrepancy between the contract price and the reported cost of the project?

AS: This is because of the way this matter has been communicated to the public. That has created the confusion about the contract value with its itemized list of deliverables and the additional technology and services that were requested by NamPol afterwards. The contract price has not changed. We have provided additional technology and services on request from the client, NamPol, which is related to the contracted works. We have all these agreements, documents and official communications between us and the client.

WO: Was there a tender for the provision of technology or services from the Namibian Police Force?

AS: Yes, and we were one of the companies that were invited and submitted our bid and proposal. I presume the other companies did the same.

WO: The charge claims that the services or technology was never provided. Could you provide proof that these where indeed provided or reasons why the services or technology was not provided?

AS: These claims bear no resemblance to the facts. We have the documentation to prove it. Not only did we provide all services and technology, we have gone further to assist with matters which came about due to the introduction of the technology. The software is currently in use and aiding NamPol in processing traffic fines. The mobile speed camera technology is also deployed in the field as we speak.

WO: There is a further claim that CSS lacked the capacity to deliver on the contract. Is this correct?

AS: During the tender process and submission of our proposal and tender, one of the requirements was to present a competent team with capacity as well as a technical partner with the necessary expertise, knowledge and capacity in all areas of traffic management. CSS has done this.

We currently have two employees that have been assigned and dedicated to this project. They were issued with a Trade Inspection Certificate by the Ministry of Trade and Industrialisation as well as the Namibian Standards Institution. These Institutions registered them as Mechanics Qualified to Operate Speed Measuring Instruments. So, the answer is yes, we have both local and technical capacity and this has been demonstrated over the years.

WO: There is a claim of favoritism in the award of this tender. Could you respond to this claim?

AS: This is one of those questions which does not deserve an answer. I would prefer that people stick to facts instead of devolving the conversation into innuendo and smear campaigns especially when their narrative no longer suits their goals.

WO: What is the status of the yellow cameras?

AS: These have been installed, but cannot be operationalised due to the fact that they must conform to regulatory requirements.

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