Iipumbu pleads for Amushelelo’s release…says judicial system is politically captured

Stefanus Nashama

NAMIBIAN Economic Freedom Fighters (NEEF) Deputy Leader, Kalimbo

Iipumbu says it is time for the judicial system to heed the country’s cries for the release of the detained Michael Amushelelo.

“Remember from the onset of his arrest, members of the public have been questioning why he has been kept in jail while others are out,” he said.

Iipumbu yesterday explained that the party understand the role of the Court, but a person who was fighting for many voiceless shouldn’t be kept in jail for that particular time or be denied bail application several times.

Amushelelo is NEEF’s Head of Economic Development and is regarded as a Social Activist.

He was previously arrested on many occasions and was again arrested on Independence Day, March 21, along with activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Parliamentarian Inna Hengari for spearheading and organising a national protest against unemployment.

Nauyoma and Hengari were granted bail of N$5000 each, while the state continuously denied Amushelelo bail.

He has since been in custody awaiting further legal proceedings and is expected to appear today at the High Court, at 10H00.

Speaking on behalf of NEEF, Iipumbu said they feel pity for what is done to him, therefore, the party will continue to stand by him until he is released from jail.

Iipumbu said the judicial system is politically captured by individuals who influence the system and are hell-bent on making Amushelelo suffer in jail.

“I think there is someone behind his arrest, saying let’s teach him a lesson, yet he was arrested for simply fighting for people who can’t stand and fight for themselves,” he stressed.

“Imagine if this is done to your son or brother how will you feel,” Iipumbu said.

He pointed out that Amushelelo is being detained so that he does not participate in political activities, which of course the system will regret especially as we near the 2024 elections

According to the politician, the Court is supposed to grant his bail because what he was arrested for fighting for the people.

“There are people who have committed serious crimes in this country, people who have misused and messed up state resources but are walking freely in the street, instead government should lock up these people instead of keeping an individual who was sympathising with the people,” Iipumbu said.

He, however, highlighted that the party is hopeful Amushelelo will be granted bail today when he appears at the High Court.

“We have hope that he will be granted bail because we believe there are also Judges and lawyers who understand this whole thing, his detention is not fair”

Iipumbu cautioned government to be more careful when dealing with issues like Amushelelo’s case because if people cannot get what they are peacefully asking for they will have no choice but to turn against their government.

“His arrest is worrisome and has brought about public questioning about why he is kept in jail,” he said.

“You will end up fighting or killing your people or the other way around, so the Court should do justice to him,” he urged, adding that many people are placed into positions by those with power so that they can defend their masters’ interests at the expense of others.

Iipumbu said those in power will one day not be in power and those not currently in power will be in power.

This he said will lead to revenge being dished against people who are currently making others suffer.

According to Amushelelo’s lawyer, Kadhila Amoomo, the state has been opposing his client’s bail application because he is facing serious charges.

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