Iipumbu urges NaCC, NEAB boards to uphold public governance standards

Staff Writer

Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu, has implored Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) and the Namibia Estate Agents Boards of Directors (NEAB) to uphold public governance standards.

Iipumbu said this during the inauguration of the boards of directors which jointly took place in Windhoek on Monday.

She reminded the directors that sound corporate governance is the basis for any institution’s success, and encourages the two boards to lead the institutions in line with the Public Enterprises Governance Act.

“Good corporate governance requires credible and trustworthy institutions built on principles of transparency and accountability. Accountability goes beyond the mere responsibility of delivery of a task or service.

It also means answerability if a service is not delivered in a timely and efficient manner such that it becomes a burden.

It is the citizens’ right but also their duty to demand it,” she expressed.

She said that she expects the directors to lead the institutions to which they have been assigned in line with the enabling legislations and to observe key sections within the Public Enterprises Governance Act, especially sections that deal with issues of compliance.

The NaCC board is being led by Andreas Ithindi as the chairperson with Isabella Tjatjara as his deputy. Other members on the board are Siegfried Neuman, Benjamin Biwa and Irene Simeon-Kurtz.

While Marvel Tjombonde became the chairperson of NEAB board, deputised by Abel Sidano, with Simeon Kahona, Liberty Mupopiwa and Dickson Swanepoel serving as ordinary members.

The minister said that board members were chosen based on their qualifications and expertise, and further expressed confidence in the ability of the newly appointed directors to provide strategic leadership for the two public institutions.

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