I’m not a position seeker – Mupetami

Stefanus Nashama

OKATYALI Constituency Councillor Joseph Mupetami says he is content with his position as a councillor and would not pursue higher office by serving his constituents.

Mupetami, who represents the Swapo Party, ignored public debate, claiming that he is the best councilman in Namibia.

“I cannot be like a barking dog who goes hungry at night.” I’m content with where I am. “I will continue to serve the Okatyali residents who voted for me,” he stated emphatically.

However, Mupetami who is well known as a servant of the people told Windhoek Observer that if he was the best, he could not be where he is as an ordinary councillor.

He also stated that he cannot reject any responsibility if assigned to him because he is ready to serve the people.

This follows the long-serving public views and requests that Mupetami, a hard-working councillor, deserves better responsibilities than being at the constituency level.

Some members of the public have suggested that Mupetami be elevated to a Ministerial position for his commitment to serve the public or be the advisor for all constituency councillors.

Even residents of other constituencies have reportedly sought help from Mupetami, leaving behind their respective constituency offices.

Okatyali Constituency is traditionally a stronghold of the Swapo Party. It is located in Oshana Region a few kilometres south of Ondangwa.

Mupetami has been a Councillor of Okatyali for 37 years after he took over from former Swapo Party Youth League Secretary, Paulus Kapiya in 1989.

A source known by the name of Kamawe who made a radio announcement suggested that Mupetami be rotated from Okatyali Constituency to other constituencies to make some improvements as he has done to Okatyali.

However, Mupetami said he is currently an ordinary councillor just like other councillors.

“There is nothing to make me be the best alone or differ from other councillors,” he said.

The councillor also indicated that he has never heard residents of Okatyali talk about his commitments on radios, he only hears about people from other constituencies.

“There are so many councillors in this country. Don’t they do a good job and be regarded as good councillors as well as the public says about me?” Mupetami questioned.

“Those who say I am the best have voted for their respective councillors in their respective constituencies, why don’t they value the work of their councillors? If there are not doing well, who voted for them?” he further questioned.

He said whatever Okatyali received from government is what other constituencies received, therefore, he can’t be separated from other councillors on that basis.

Mupetami urged people to go to Okatyali Constituency and see what is been done so that they express their views knowing what he has done.

“Yes, I do help people from other constituencies but that does not make people think I am the best councillor. I do that as a servant of the people,” he emphasised.

On this note, Mupetami said he has worked hard for his constituency, adding that there are so many things he has done on his own as a leader, and that should be valued by the Okatyali residents since they are the ones who voted for him and in return he represents them to the best of his abilities.

He, however, expressed that it is not easy to be a councillor, a job he said requires one to work hard to serve the people.

He said he uses his ideas to achieve what he has so far achieved on his own.

“I have achieved a lot in my constituency through the ideas I have implemented,”he said.

Imanuel Amulungu, a resident of Okatyali Constituency said Mupetami is a very dedicated man who listens to the needs of the residents and respond on time.

He also pointed out that Okatyali Constituency has water, electricity, toilets, community centres for meetings gravel roads, schools, towers for network and many other services.

Mupetami has served as a member of the Fifth National Council from 2015-2020 representing Oshana region.

He has since urged voters to value the work of their councillors since they are the ones who voted for them.

“I was voted by Okatyali residents, they are the ones to evaluate my work, not outsiders,” he said.

Meanwhile, Oshana Regional Governor, Elia Irimari, said all government services are equally provided in all constituencies.

According to Irimari, councillors have different approaches and initiatives, what matters is extra efforts to see how they can help and provide for the needs of the residents.

“A constituency is just like a house, you look at the needs of the house and make extra efforts to provide for your family. There is nothing like Okatyali received more services than other constituencies,” he explained.

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