Incomplete state veterinary clinic worries councilor…as state funds run dry

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Okahao Councilor Leonard Shikulo has raised concerns over the Okahao Veterinary Clinic and staff accommodation that has not been in operation, nine years after its construction.

The building, which is already in deplorable condition due to its non-usage, is a project of the Ministry of Works and Transport, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform. Speaking to the Windhoek Observer, Shikulo said he had enquired with the veterinary office in Okahao and was told the contractor refused to hand over the keys to the building as the contractor was not paid.

“I am concerned about the building and when I asked the veterinary office in Okahao they said it was about the contractor not being paid, therefore he does not want to give the keys,” Shikulo said.

He also added that last year, he was told that the reason the clinic was not operational was because the veterinarians assigned to the clinic refused to go to Okahao

.“I understand two Doctors were supposed to come to Okahao but they apparently did not want to. I think one of them is in Outapi. I am not sure about the other one,” he added.

Since its completion, the building was never inaugurated, the parking lot is currently overgrown with grass, and the lights are on day and night.

The works Ministry contracted ID Building Contractors to work on the project.The contractors started construction work in May 2015 and completed practical work in May 2018.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Public Relations Officer, Simon Nghipandulwa confirmed that the construction of the clinic is not completed due to inadequate funds. He says construction work will be completed in the current financial year.

“It was not completed as the funds were not enough. The Ministry will host a meeting about the issue next week. We are also in limbo about the clinic,” Nghipandulwa said.

In 2021 it was reported that there were inadequate funds to install the required equipment for the clinic.

Moreover, there is also a delay in completing the Fisheries Ministry regional headquarters at Rundu for about nine years. The project is also a works Ministry project.

Oume Construction was initially contracted in 2012 by the works Ministry to construct the Rundu office at a cost of N$14 million.

However, work on the project came to a standstill after the Ministry of works reportedly refused to pay the contractor due to unclear reasons.

The contract was then terminated in January 2015 and Africa Civil Engineering was appointed to work on the project on 6 August 2015 at a cost of N$16 million, but this contract was also terminated on 30 October 2018.

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