Incriminating evidence found in Hatuikulipi’s phone during arrest-ACC

Eba Kandovazu

AN Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) investigator this afternoon said that incriminating evidence was discovered in Fishrot suspect, James Haituikulipi’s, phone upon his arrest.

Hatuikulipi reportedly informed an Icelander in text messages that investigators do not have capacity to investigate foreign accounts, after he was asked whether or not “dubious” transactions would not be detected. “During arrest of Hatuikulipi and Sacky Shanghala, there were phones seized.

The phone of James was analysed by one investigator. When he analysed it, some information was retrieved relating to payment of N$500 per metric ton paid to Namgomar by Samherji. Hatuikulipi at some point asked a certain John to create some invoices in the name of Namgomar Limitada to depict the amount which was agreed upon. The money was paid abroad. The agreed amount was N$ 4000 per metric ton,” Andreas Kanyangela revealed.

Kanyangela, the State’s first witness in the bail application of the Fishrot suspects, indicated that investigations by Interpol found that Namgomar Pesca SA is a non-existent company. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Bernard Esau, and Angola’s former Fisheries Minister, Victoria de Barros, he says enabled Namgomar to receive fishing quotas adding that Esau awarded 50 000 metric tons.

“Other agreements signed during the award are to the value of N$ 150 million. These allocation are quotas the Fisheries Ministry gave for governmental objectives, to be used in the interest of the public. The investigation also revealed that the money received by Namgomar was never used for government objectives but used by the accused persons to buy assets, to loan to each other and construct and acquire properties for themselves,” Kanyangela testified.

It was also his testimony that Namgomar Pesca Namibia employed Ricardo Gustavo as it’s Director. Other shareholders he said is Namgomar Pesca Limitada in Angola.

Shanghala and Hatuikulipi are joined by Former Fishcor Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mike Nghipunya; Pius Mwatelula; Otneel Shuudifonya and Phillipus Mwapopi, in their quest for bail. Judge Shafimana Ueitele is presiding. Shanghala, Hatuikulipi and Mwatelula are being represented by South African Advocate, Vas Soni. Lawyers Milton Engelbrecht, Lucious Murorua and Thabang Phatela form part of the defense, while Cliff Lutibezi and Ed Marondedze represent the State. The hearing continues tomorrow.


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