Independence Day to be celebrated in Zambezi for the first time ever

Stefanus Nashama

For the first time in the history of Namibia, Katima Muliloin the Zambezi Region will host this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

Independence Day is celebrated every year on 21 March in Namibia, and this year, the nation is expected to gather in Katima Mulilo to celebrate one of the most important days in the country.

Aundrin Mathe, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology announced on Friday.

At this event, Namibia will be celebrating its 34th year of freedom and independence.

“This year marks the first time that the Zambezi Region will host this significant anniversary,” said Mathe.

The theme for this year emphasises the continuous unity and prosperity of the Namibian nation “A People United for Prosperity”.

“The government would like to inform the public that the official celebration of the 34th Independence anniversary will be held in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region on 21 March 2024, under the theme “A People United for Prosperity,” he stated.

According to Mathe, President Nangolo Mbumba will deliver the keynote address in his capacity as the Head of State.

“As preparations unfold for this year’s celebration, the government extended an invitation to Namibians from all corners of the country to gather in commemorating the selfless acts of sacrifice that paved the way for our freedom,” he said.

Mathe said the Independence Day celebrations are rotated among the regions.

Last year, the Independence Day celebration took place at Outapi in the Omusati Region.

“The public can anticipate a diverse array of cultural performances, musical acts, and entertainment activities. For those unable to attend in person, the event will be live-streamed on various social media platforms and NBC TV and radio services,” he said.

Fueled by frustration with hunger and the unemployment situation in the country, the masses, particularly young people, since last year, spearheaded by Social Activist, Michale Amushelelo, have targeted to hold a countrywide demonstration against the unemployment situation, on the same day.

Last year, the youth held a similar protest which resulted in the arrest and detention of Amushelelo, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, and Popular Democratic Movement Parliamentarian, Inna Hengari.

Nauyoma and Hengari were granted bail for N$5,000 each while Amushelelo was denied a formal bail application on several occasions until he was released after he was acquitted.

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