IPC suspends Windhoek councillor

Staff Writer

Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) has suspended its councillor, Desiree Davids, serving on the Windhoek municipality after allegations that she has used her position to prioritise her application to buy a plot.

“Please take note, as is within the powers of a political party that fielded a councillor, and in accordance with our IPC party constitution of Article 4.60. Hon. Cllr. Davids has been suspended (restraint) by the party from representing IPC in any capacity in the City of Windhoek council in terms of Code 4.1. of the conduct of members of the local authorities,” IPC’s General Secretary, Christine Esperanze Aochamus, informed Windhoek’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), George Mayumbelo.

According to media reports, Davids had applied to buy a plot worth N$377 000 in Rocky Crest and the application was then recommended for approval by the management committee.

“Please take note that, this action includes that Honourable Davids, shall not occupy any premises, attend any meetings and/or be on any delegation/deputation of the City of Windhoek council as being on the ticket of the IPC.”

Aochamus further states that IPC has appointed an investigation committee, headed by Christoph Uirab to investigate Davids’ alleged conduct.

“Davids was informed of her suspension today in a letter which further informed her that she was directed to cease from acting on behalf of the IPC party henceforth in all capacities until such time communication rescinding this directive is issued.”

Davids, along with IPC’s Fillemon Hambuda, Chairperson of the Management Committee, and Ndeshihafela Larandja, were sworn in on 2 December, 2020.

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