IPC wants coalition candidate for Swakop
… Constituency by-election slated for August

Obrein Simasiku

The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) is hoping for support from fellow opposition parties ahead of the slated Swakopmund Constituency by-election, saying the election is a crucial test whether the coalition talks among opposition parties will truly materialise.

“This election shall test the true resolve and commitment of the so called opposition political parties to work together. Will all vocal political parties singing the coalition chorus, refrain from participating in the Swakopmund by-election and allow IPC alone to contest a seat it held against the ruling Swapo Party,” reads a statement from the party’s general secretary Christine Aochamus.

“That will be an acid test against which IPC and the public must judge the true colours and words of the opposition parties’ preparedness to cooperate in saving Namibia from the jaws of the looting of Swapo. Will they apply principles or ambitions in the best interest of Namibian people”.

Political analyst speculate that the IPC would not be able to attract the white vote with which it is believed to have won the constituency together with some disgruntled Swapo members and sympathisers.

The race they say is open, but indications are that Swapo may return the constituency to it fold if the opposition does not put up a unified front with a single candidate.

The by-election slated for August follows the expulsion of IPC constituency councillor Ciske Howard-Smith last month, for alleged violation of party constitution as well as the Regional Council Act. Howard-Smith’s turbulent exit journey started towards end of 2021 when it was established that she was not a resident of the Swakopmund constituency but that of Walvis Bay, something that is in contravention of the Act.

She was then suspended by the party, but Howard-Smith approached the High Court who reversed her suspension and returned her to the council. IPC however, in the statement indicated that Howard-Smith’s behaviour and attitude were irreversible and caused irreparable reputational damage to the party.

“IPC shall field a candidate, selected solely, by the grassroots members of the Swakopmund constituency, and IPC shall apply all stringent vetting regimes to ensure such an oversight never reoccur,” further stated the statement.

Apart from the call for other opposition not to field candidates and support IPC, the party encouraged the residents to stand by the party and its candidate as it believes in the rule of law and represents the overwhelming aspirations of its people for a meaningful change. “We reject lawbreakers, racism, tribalism and lotters of our natural resources,” it added.

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