Is Namibia ready for a new government

Martin Endjala

More and more anticipation weighs on the 2024 elections with tension mounting on both the incumbent government and other political parties, but with recent frustrations expressed by the masses, the question lingering on everybody’s mind is, is Namibia ready for a new government?

Despite the healthy democratic freedom Namibians enjoy, the incumbent government has from time to time been accused of not equally sharing the resources of the country with its citizens, and since then, it has prompted numerous resentment towards the incumbent government.

To share light on the matter, the Windhoek Observer posted this question to Political Science Veteran Henning Melber, who pointed out that the number of potential presidential candidates suggests an increase in alternatives on the ballot papers.

“We will only know to what extent Namibians are ready, in November next year when the elections take place and their results be announced”, says Melber.

Melber noted that much depends on how the new presidential candidate of Swapo can convince the electorate that the party remains the only viable option.

Following the current frustrations expressed over the lack of delivery, it remains quite a challenge. Melber believes that the Swapo Party Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah might have the advantage of receiving the benefit of the doubt.

A new government he says, would require a coalition that outnumbers Swapo, which he says seems unlikely.

“If Swapo should lose an absolute majority, which doesn’t seem to be something to be expected with any certainty, it might most likely still remain the biggest party and hence lead a coalition government. A new government would then still reproduce much of the old, though politics would change. What seems most unlikely is a government with Swapo but no president from Swapo. However, there remain 16 months until we can stop speculating”, opined Melber.

Meanwhile, Swapo Party Politburo and Central Committee Member Hofni Iipinge reiterated that Swapo Party is the only party that declares its aims and objectives to unite the people of Namibia, irrespective of race, or religion, ex or ethnic origin, into a democratic, vibrant and peace-loving nation.

Moreover, he stressed that Swapo continues to defend and protect Namibia’s hard-won freedom and independence as well as fostering a sense of common purpose and collective destiny among the Namibians.

He further highlighted Swapo’s combat retrogressive tendencies of tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism, racism, sexism, chauvinism, regionalism, and personality culture which strives to achieve gender equality in all structures of the party.

Iipinge expressed that there are those who constantly try to attack Swapo by saying that Swapo has been too long in power.

“They forget that Swapo mobilizes Namibians to wage a bitter and protracted diplomatic and armed struggle for the independence of Namibia. The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food security, culture, science, and well-being, remains a top priority, which was the same rights they proclaimed when they began the struggle,” Iipinge said.

“We don’t only talk but we walk the talk of effective governance which is buttressed by processes, systems and institutions. Swapo is the party that drives the developmental agenda of Namibia and accelerates the national development plans for the prosperity of Namibia”, says Iipinge.

The Politburo and Central Committee member believes that the Swapo Party government will continue to work with determination at all levels to change the fortunes of its people after the past difficult years of covid-19, drought and economic downturn.

“I am optimistic that the future of Namibia is pregnant and much brighter under the able leadership of the Swapo Party”, Iipinge said.

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