‘It all started with a bottle of wine.’ – Madisia

Steve Nashama

Shannon Wasserfall’s suspected killer, Azaan Madisia, has apologised to the victim’s family at the end of her testimony before Windhoek High Court Judge, Christie Liebenberg

Narrating her version of the events that led to the death of Wasserfall, Madisia explained that it all happened when they were socializing in her apartment. An argument subsequently ensued about a bottle of wine. Madisia was trying to remove the bottle from the hands of the deceased and the altercation became physical. She subsequently pushed Wasserfall which led to the deceased falling and hitting her head on the floor. Looking at the deceased she thought Wasserfall was “joking “but realized that she was not breathing.

“I know it is shocking. I am sorry, it was not my intention to push her. She was my friend. I did not know this is what would happen,” Madisia said during her testimony. She chose not to inform the police about the incident that night as she feared being arrested and going to prison, she said. “I kept seeing images of what happened in my head. I look at Junior, the deceased’s son and keep thinking his mother was no longer there. I knew her parents were wondering about what happened to their child and I thought about how my parents would feel if it had been the other way round,” she said.

During her testimony, Madisia further revealed that she was in a sexual relationship with the deceased’s boyfriend, Petrus Shoopala, but she never told Wasserfall about the l relationship. Shoopala decided to end his relationship with her, a decision she supported. Shoopala, who testified in February told the court that Madisia is a friend of his and that they used to attend the same church. Madisia informed the court

Madisia is on trial with her brother Steven Mulundu, who was arrested in November 2020 after he surrendered himself to the police. Yesterday, the High Court dismissed an application by Mulundu for acquittal. He brought the application in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Act, after pleading not guilty to the charges levelled against him. During his arrest, he admitted that he helped his sister, the 31-year-old Madisia, to bury Wasserfall’s body in a shallow grave in the desert behind the Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay.

The trial continues and Madisia is being represented by Albert Titus while Henry Muhongo is representing the State.

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