It’s all systems go at new Home Affairs building

Martin Endjala

THE Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, has officially kick started its operations today from its new state-of-the-art headquarters situated in Windhoek North, at the corner of Hoseas Kutako Drive and Harvey Street, opposite Electoral Commission (ECN) building.

Joy and excitement was the order of day among clients and officials when the Windhoek Observer newspaper visited the new premises this morning.

“This will consolidate the ministries strength and flexibility of its services rendered to its clients within one premises indeed and I am excited and cannot wait to see the rest of the building”, said a delighted member of the public interviewed by the Windhoek Observer.

The Windhoek Observer engaged the spokesperson of the ministry Magaret Kalo, who expressed her excitement with the new premises, stating they have worked tirelessly over the weekend to ensure that its all systems go come the 1st of February, as announced last week. “This was the most pivotal part of the office that we wanted to get right as it is the most essential part of the ministry and the weekend gave us ample time to do that”, she stressed.

The reported technical errors earlier today, was just a minor glitch and that all systems including the Border Management Department are now fully functional, Kalo was quick to point out. “Having all our departments in one building is good news as this will enable all our services to be rendered to all clients within a matter of minutes,’’ she said optimistically.

The ministry also added a new Mini Police Office that will be tasked with writing declarations, certifying documents and many other related services. This was done to do away with the back and forth that the public had to endure to get this service.

‘’It will be no longer be required of them to do so, as we have made provision of such services”, says Kalo.

The only part of the new building that is currently not operational, is that of the official employees, but they were preparing moving office equipment and materials, when the Windhoek Observer visited the new premises.

It was however not smooth sailing as serves in some departments were a stop-start affair. Some clients who spoke to the Windhoek Observer said the first day reminds them of all the struggles they were experiencing at the multiple offices of the ministry scattered across Windhoek.

Kalo is confident that all staff will settle in this week, but said it will take time for everyone to get familiar with the new environment due to the size of the building and location as well as knowing where particular services are rendered.

Details of the official inauguration of the building are still under wraps and will be announced publicly by the Ministry in due course.

Members of the public are advised to come and acquaint themselves with the building and on which floor and offices particular services are provided.

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