Itula has no taste for alcohol: Nashinge

Steve Nashama

Independence Patriots for Change (IPC) National Spokesperson, Immanuel Nashinge, has dismissed recent allegations that party leader Panduleni Itula was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Last week, a local online newspaper claimed that Itula was arrested on Friday morning by the Windhoek City Police and that he was held in custody at the Wanaheda Police Station.

Nashinge informed the Windhoek Observer that Itula does not consume alcohol and that he was never arrested as alleged.

“IPC is not shaken by such baseless allegations. People should focus on positive things and not fall for fake news. Our leader does not drink alcohol,” he said.

Nashinge believes the allegations were concocted to tarnish the party’s credentials in the political sphere since Itula is the head of the party.

“Itula is a leader of a registered political party who has nothing to do with alcohol,” he reiterated.

He conveyed that IPC has no time to engage in unwarranted and petty fake news, especially when the public is aware that the allegations are unfounded and misleading.

“We have important things to consider and must fight for the interests of the Namibian nation, not indulge in fake news,” he emphasized.

Nashinge also asserted that such allegations could never be a threat to IPC and its leaders, but suggested that it could be viewed as a politically motivated attack, especially in the run-up to election campaigns.

He disclosed that he is acquainted with the owner of the online newspaper that published the allegations but did not know the journalists who run the paper. He shared the owner’s contact details but did not mention his name.

Nashinge commented on the allegations primarily due to public concern and urged the newspaper to refrain from making unfounded claims and to focus on reporting issues that matter. “Stop hallucinating,” he urged.

Local political analyst, Sakaria Johannes, opined that allegations of such nature might seem trivial but could potentially mislead the party’s followers if not addressed promptly.

“It also appears that Itula is feared for his political influence,” he commented.

When contacted for a comment, the owner of the paper did not respond to the questions sent to him.

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