Itula refutes speculation about his political path

Stefanus Nashama

The leader of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Panduleni Itula, has refuted speculations that he has been convinced to return to Swapo after he was recently seen with President Hage Geingob at State House.

Itula said he is a full member of IPC, and that makes him stand loyal to his party and the people he represents.

“I have no intention whatsoever to return to the same party that expelled me for standing up for the Namibian people, rather than honouring the invitation from State House, he stated.

Itula was responding to public speculations on Monday after he attended a gala dinner at State House at the invitation of President Geingob, and then he again attended the launch of the Be Free Youth Concert presented by by First Lady, Monica Geingos.

However, some members of the public viewed this as his way back to Swapo.

“I, in that capacity honoured the invitation from State House, in my representative capacity of all patriots of the IPC, and has and will, conduct myself as a representative of IPC,” he said.

He explained that President Geingob did not invite him, in his capacity as Swapo President, neither was the invitation on a Swapo party letterhead but in his capacity as Head of State.

“The public should never think that when I go to the State House on the invitation I am going back to Swapo, he clarified.

Itula pointed out that when the Swapo party expelled him in 2020, he did not fight back against the expulsion to be reinstated back in the party.

“If I was not the leader of IPC, I would not have been invited to the State House. So speculations, in terms of freedom of speech, are of no consequence,” he stressed. At the same time, Itula claimed that the corruption-riddled Swapo Party had nothing to offer him as a leader of the political party.

“The Swapo party has no platform on which to serve the socio-economic needs of our people, Itula further said.

According to him, his mission to run for the highest office in 2019 has not been accomplished yet, adding that he has no u-turn to Swapo.

“Swapo party is a sinking political home only for the naive and corrupt masters. It is not a political home for those of us who suffered for the independence of our country, neither is it a political home for those that respect the supreme sacrifices of our gallant freedom fighters,” Itula said.

Adding that citizenship should come first before any exercise of political fights, and when the president is right and respects humanity and the rights of the Namibian people, he should be supported.

He also noted that the First Lady’s efforts to seek to find a way for the youth of Namibia out of misery should be supported as well.

He has since urged the public to combat corruption, honour heroes’ sacrifices and build a nation worthy of their dedication rather than creating speculations.

Meanwhile, IPC National Spokesperson, Immanuel Nashinge, said there is nothing wrong with Itula accepting State House invitations especially when it concerns the benefit of the country. “He just honoured the invitation, political differences should not make him reject the invitation from the State House, he said.

Nashinge also indicated that Itula did not go to the State House at the invitation of the ruling party. “For members of the public to think that he was there to make a u-turn cannot be true, and it shouldn’t be an issue with him to accepting and honouring the invitation,” he said,

Nashinge said Itula went to State House for the Namibia-Cuban Gala dinner and the Be Free launch.

He has since called members of the public to refrain from such speculation of no political value.

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