IUM rubbishes Amushelelo’s call for free registration

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The International University of Management, through its lawyers, has rejected calls by Michael Amushelelo of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) to stop demanding registration fees for students, asserting that the institution is private, duly registered, and operating in accordance with the relevant laws, which do not obligate it to provide free tertiary education.

In a response to Amushelelo’s demands, Lawyer Sisa Namandje states that their client fails to understand the basis of the demand.

He further states that their client shall not obey the “ill-founded, baseless, unlawful, unreasonable, and unfair demands”, whilst highlighting that IUM shall continue charging whatever fees and expenditures in accordance with the relevant laws.

“In addition to your threat of mass demonstrations, kindly be warned that whoever shall unlawfully intervene in the operation and functioning of our client shall be dealt with in accordance with the law. Demonstrations and incitement are not necessary for this matter,’ Namandje says.

The lawyers argue that It is unquestionable that Amushelelo and the NEFF Leadership based their “purported Urgent Statement” on a material misdirection of law and have no facts or accurate facts to support their unsubstantiated statement.

Namandje notes that the statement is merely politically motivated and not in the best interest of tertiary education.

“Students and parents are cautioned to be vigilant about unscrupulous individuals who are egocentric and simply using students to fulfil their political agenda.

In light of the foregoing, we regard the purportedly Urgent Statement of NEFF and Amushelelo dated 18th January 2023 as non-pro scriptor,” he said.

Meanwhile, Amushelelo chastises the institution for engaging its attorneys and questioning their ethics in seeking legal advice rather than catering to the needs of students.

“The point here is that Registration Fees are high, knowing very well that IUM is a private institution that is not funded by the government we even proposed that registration fees can be paid in monthly instalments.

IUM Students it’s now up to you on the way forward to we go and protest or are you happy with paying those high registration fees?” he said.

The activist further wrote: “Dear students of the International University of Management kindly take note that instead, your university considering your plight not to pay registration fees. They have opted to pay lawyers Sisa Namandje & CO to respond to your demands.”

Amushelelo expressed that Namandje missed the point, that they were not demanding free tertiary education but free registration.

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