Judge Moses Chinhengo appointed to preside over Fishrot trial

Niël Terblanché

Namibia’s dedication to fairness and impartiality in its legal proceedings saw to it that Justice Moses Chinhengo was inaugurated as Acting Judge of the High Court of Namibia this week.

His specific mandate is to preside over the trial of the state vs. Ricardo Gustavo and 27 others, all embroiled in the notorious FishRot corruption scandal.

President Hage Geingob, acting on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission, appointed Chinhengo to serve until December 2023.

Judge-President Petrus Damaseb officiated the swearing-in, announcing Judge Chinhengo’s primary assignment shortly after the ceremony.

This appointment follows the earlier swearing-in of acting judges Lady Justices Rita Tambudzai Makarau, Johanna Sophia Prinsloo, and Esi Malaika Schimming-Chase to the Supreme Court.

The FishRot case, which delves into allegations of fraud, corruption, and racketeering within Namibia’s lucrative fishing sector, has garnered national and international attention.

Key figures both within and outside Namibia’s borders are implicated, elevating the trial’s importance and sensitivity.

Judge-President Damaseb commented on the selection and said that the choice of Judge Moses Chinhengo — renowned for his unwavering allegiance to justice and comprehensive legal acumen — is reflective of Namibia’s firm commitment to uphold justice and the rule of law.

“His exemplary legal track record, combined with his known impartiality, positions him uniquely to oversee this critical trial,” the Judge-President said.

The FishRot trial is set to commence on 2 October 2023 and promises to be one of Namibia’s most closely scrutinized legal proceedings in recent years.

Justice Chinhengo is no stranger to such high-calibre cases. His illustrious career has seen him serve as an acting judge in the Court of Appeal in Lesotho and the Botswana Supreme Court.

As Namibia gears up for the trial, the engagement of Judge Chinhengo signals a renewed phase in the quest for truth and justice in the FishRot saga.

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