Just Saying

Am just saying sports have the potential to significantly contribute to the Namibian economy and improve the quality of life for many of our citizens.

However, am just saying that to transform sports into a professional industry that not only benefits athletes but also creates substantial employment opportunities, club owners and sports leaders must play a proactive and dynamic role.

Am saying, club owners should prioritize investing in and maintaining sports facilities. The current state of many facilities in Namibia is dire, with some courts having trees growing in them and fields being abandoned once they deteriorate.

Am just saying, club owners need to lead by example in ensuring that facilities are well-maintained and upgraded regularly.

Am saying, beyond the traditional roles of coaches and athletes, sports leaders should invest in building a skilled workforce that can sustain the sports infrastructure and industry.

Am just saying, that developing training programs for facility managers, groundskeepers, and maintenance staff will ensures that sports venues are kept in good condition but also creates jobs and skill development opportunities.

Am saying creating a sustainable sports industry requires innovative business strategies and financial models.

Collaborate with government entities to fund large-scale projects, ensuring that there is a shared vision and pooled resources for the development of sports.

Am just saying, providing quality coaching and facilities will help young athletes reach their potential.

Am saying it is our responsibility to ensure that sports facilities and programs are accessible to all segments of the population is vital for broadening the base of sports participation.

Am just saying, building a vibrant sports culture involves not just infrastructure and development but also fostering a passion for sports at all levels. And sports leaders must take the lead.

Am saying that the role of club owners and sports leaders in Namibia is multifaceted and pivotal for the rise of sports to a professional level. By investing in infrastructure, building capacity, implementing sustainable business models, enhancing athlete development, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a sports culture, they can transform sports into a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP and overall well-being.

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