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As the Late Jackson Kaujeua once sung, the winds of change is being felt in Namibia’s sports landscape. The recent budget increases have sparked a newfound energy that athletes and administrators alike must harness and fuel.

Am just saying the performance of Team Namibia at the All African Games serves as a promising indicator that Namibian sports is poised to soar to unprecedented heights.

All am just saying is, it’s essential to reflect on the contributions of various sports teams, including hockey, cricket, netball, and football, in igniting the spirited atmosphere that currently permeates the nation.

Am just saying while the euphoria of victory is in the air, it’s crucial to express gratitude to the corporate entities that continually support athlete preparation.

Am calling on the federations to shoulder the responsibility of outlining comprehensive budgets, when submitting to potential partners, and sport administrators must uphold principles of good corporate governance, ensuring accountability and transparency in their operations.

Am just saying, Cricket Namibia’s recent announcement of becoming debt-free speaks volumes about the potential of sports to bolster the nation’s GDP. The construction of the National Cricket Ground, funded by the organization, exemplifies how sports codes can not only reach new heights but also generate capital to sustain their programs.

Am just saying, such initiatives resonate with the corporate world, which seeks partners committed to growth and development.

As we commemorates 34 years of independence, it’s fitting to extend congratulations to the board, management, and players of Cricket Namibia for their exemplary leadership and performance. Their achievements set a precedent for the future of sports in the nation, inspiring optimism and ambition among athletes and stakeholders alike.

Am just saying, the stage has been set for Namibian sports to flourish, propelled by a convergence of financial support, administrative diligence, and athletic excellence.

As we looks ahead, we in the sport environment must seize this momentous opportunity to cultivate a thriving sports culture that fosters not only success on the field but also socio-economic advancement for all.

Am just saying.

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