Just Saying with Matts Haikali

In the wake of Deon Hotto’s exhilarating goal at the ongoing AFCON 2023, Namibia witnessed a spectacular display of national passion and patriotism, showcasing the unifying power of sports. The entire nation, irrespective of location or background, was drawn to screens of all sizes, eager to be part of a historic moment that transcended the boundaries of daily life.

Am just saying this jubilation prompts reflection on the contradictory relationship between the euphoria of sports victories and the lackluster support for sports development within the country.

Am just saying, while the entire nation unites to celebrate a goal scored thousands of miles away, one cannot help but question why sports infrastructure and funding are not considered a national priority.

Am just saying, the disconnect between the euphoria of sports fans and the apparent negligence of sports administrators raises concerns about the allocation of resources. It is disheartening that those responsible for nurturing the country’s sporting talent often fail to recognize the pivotal role they play in shaping the nation’s athletic success.

Am just saying, the celebration of Deon Hotto’s goal serves as a reminder that the same administrators who partake in the celebration have, in many cases, hindered the progress of athletes by not providing the necessary resources for their success.

Am just saying, the triumph of the Brave Warriors is not just a momentary achievement but a step towards a brighter future for Namibian sports. Recognition and support for the current generation of players should extend beyond fleeting celebrations.

All am saying is that the above principle should be applied universally to all sports codes, ensuring that athletes in various disciplines receive the acknowledgment they rightfully deserve.

As our cricket team prepares to take the stage next week, it is imperative that the unwavering support demonstrated for the Brave Warriors is extended to all athletes representing the nation.

Am just saying, athletes should embark on international competitions with the knowledge that their efforts are appreciated, their achievements recognized, and their country standing firmly behind them.

Looking ahead to Namibia’s 34th year of independence in March, it is a timely opportunity for the Minister of Finance and his colleagues to prioritize sports in the national budget.

Am just saying that a strategic allocation of resources can pave the way for comprehensive development, from grassroots initiatives to high-performance training facilities. Furthermore, the Minister of Finance can incentivize private entities to invest in sports, fostering collaboration for capacity building and resource mobilization at all levels.

Am just saying, in celebrating victories on the field, let us not forget the responsibilities off it. A nation’s investment in sports is an investment in the health, well-being, and unity of its people.

Am just saying, the joy of Deon Hotto’s goal should serve as a catalyst for lasting change, transforming Namibia into a beacon of sporting excellence on the continent and beyond.

Am just saying

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