Just Saying with Matts Haikali

Am just saying, the country over the past week saw a surge in appreciation for the efforts of Hon Ipumbu Shiimi, Hon Tjongarero, the Executive Director, and the dedicated staff at the Ministry of Sports, Youth, and National Service.

Am just saying, It’s vital to acknowledge and express gratitude when positive steps are taken, and the recent announcement of a 45% increase in budgetary allocation for the ministry certainly warrants commendation.

Am just saying, for too long, the budget for sports has languished at minimal levels, causing frustration among stakeholders who recognize the immense potential within Namibia’s sporting community. This increase signals a turning tide, offering hope and opportunity for growth in the sector.

Am just saying, along with increased funding comes a responsibility for those leading sports organizations to operate with professionalism and foresight. Gone should be the days of last-minute budget submissions and haphazard planning.

Am saying, it’s imperative that long-term strategies become the norm if we are to truly capitalize on this newfound support.

Am saying, accountability should be the buzz word. If funding is provided promptly, it’s incumbent upon sports administrators to reciprocate by submitting comprehensive financial reports in a timely manner.

Am just saying, if we are to instills confidence in decision-makers, we must show transparency, which will contribute to fostering a culture of accountability from those leading sports.

Am just saying, this country boasts a wealth of talented young individuals, not only in athleticism but also in sports business. It’s time for us to unite and nurture these talents collectively, leveraging the recent successes in cricket, rugby, netball, hockey, futsal, and cycling as evidence of our potential.

Am just saying, the success of our athletes on the field contrasts sharply with the failures of sports administrators off the field. It’s time to introduce criteria that ensure sports organizations are equipped with the basics, including proper offices and administrators.

Am just saying, the Executive Director has set a trend for all to follow, the inclusion of administrative costs in budget submissions can not only aid in reducing youth unemployment but also enhance the overall image of sports in our country.

Am just saying, while we express our gratitude for the recent budgetary increase, let us also recognize that this is just the beginning. With proper planning, accountability, and collective effort, we can unlock the full potential of Namibia’s sporting landscape and pave the way for a brighter future for our athletes and communities.

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