Just Saying with Matts Haikali

Namibia, as a country stands at a cross road as far as sports is concerned.

In a world where sports have transcended boundaries and become a global spectacle, the need for countries to invest in sports facilities and their maintenance has never been more critical. The recent hosting of an international rated Four Nation Squash tournament by Wanderers Sports Club, says a lot about what potential the country has, if we put our money in ensuring that our sports facilities are of international standard.

Am just saying, we must start thing not only about nurturing local talent and promoting a healthier population, investment in sporting facilities can serve as a sign of us raising our hand, to the international sports federations that we can and are able to host international competitions. Working with the ministry of home affairs and environment and tourism, these event can foster sports tourism, and the country can reap the economic benefits that follow.

Am just saying as sports administrators we must realize that the international sports arena is intensely competitive. For a sport code to host a major sporting events and attract international federations, the country is required to showcase its top-tier facilities that meet international standards. These facilities not only provide a stage for athletes to perform at their best but also reflect a nation’s commitment to excellence in sports. From state-of-the-art stadiums to world-class training centers, such investments serve as a testament to a country’s dedication to its sporting future.

Am just saying if Namibia is to become truly a winning nation in the sporting arena, there is a need for advocacy and awareness amongst those who make decision in that hosting international competitions can bring tremendous economic rewards.

Sometimes back an article was written on how sports tourism is a growing industry, and hosting major events can be a catalyst for its growth.

The recent attendance of a football match in the northern part of the country, showed that fans from all walks of life flock to sporting venues to witness their favorite athletes and teams in action, injecting significant revenue into the local economy. Just imagine, if our facilities were up to standard and what the influx of sports tourists in the country and how that would stimulates sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and local businesses, creating jobs and boosting the overall economy.

Investing in sports facilities isn’t just about constructing grand arenas; it’s about the people who maintain them. A well-trained workforce is essential to ensure that these facilities are not only world-class but also sustainable.

Trained professionals in fields like turf management, facility maintenance, and event management play a pivotal role in the seamless execution of sporting events.

Am just saying it is about time that we join forces as federation, institutions of higher learning, and the private sector to make sure that we become a winning nation…

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