Justice in Namibia takes another step towards inclusivity

Niël Terblanché

In a significant step towards promoting diversity and inclusivity within Namibia’s judicial system, Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb presided over the swearing-in of two distinguished women in the legal profession.

Advocate Beatrix de Jager and Lady Justice Philanda Christiaan were both sworn in as Judges of the Namibian High Court, marking a momentous occasion for the country’s judiciary.

Namibia has been steadfast in its commitment to dismantling barriers and fostering a judiciary that reflects the diversity and strength of its population. The simultaneous swearing-in of the new judges serves as a tangible demonstration of this commitment.

Advocate Beatrix de Jager’s appointment as an Acting Judge of the High Court of Namibia is a significant milestone in her illustrious 19-year legal career.

Nominated by the Society of Advocates of Namibia, Advocate de Jager is a homegrown talent who has blazed a trail in the legal field. With 14 years of advocacy experience since being called to the bar on August 25, 2009, her nomination reiterates Namibia’s determination to elevate accomplished women to key judicial roles, challenging traditional gender norms.

Advocate de Jager’s nomination to the High Court’s civil stream is not only a testament to her legal prowess but also a symbol of Namibia’s commitment to breaking down gender barriers in the legal sector.

Her appointment signifies that women in Namibia can reach the highest echelons of the judiciary based on their merit and expertise.

Lady Justice Philanda Christiaan, who has taken on the role of an Acting Judge of the Namibian High Court, brings with her a wealth of experience and dedication to the judiciary. Currently serving as Chief Magistrate and Acting Judge of the High Court, her ascent through the ranks embodies Namibia’s commitment to promoting women within the legal sphere.

The appointment of Lady Justice Christiaan highlights the importance of nurturing talent within the legal profession and providing opportunities for women to excel in their careers.

Her journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring female lawyers in Namibia, showcasing that with determination and dedication, they too can reach the highest levels of the legal system. Namibia’s judiciary is evolving to become more inclusive and representative of its diverse society.

By appointing accomplished women like Advocate Beatrix de Jager and Lady Justice Philanda Christiaan, the country sends a clear message that gender should not be a barrier to achieving excellence in the legal field.

These appointments are a significant step towards building a judicial system that upholds the principles of justice and equality for all Namibians.

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