Kanime’s cases withdrawn

Andrew Kathindi

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) councilor, Ignatius Semba’s case against City Police Chief Abraham Kanime has been settled at court, and his application withdrawn, bringing to an end the saga that has divided the city council since the beginning of the year.

Kanime was reinstated as the City Police chief in February, with an annual salary package of nearly N$2,5 million, after he had resigned earlier.

His reappointment was met with negative reactions by some at the City, leading to Semba’s case, which earlier this year failed to be heard as a matter of urgency at the High Court.

According to documents in the possession of Windhoek Observer, the matter was settled on 19 November.“The applicant instituted proceedings against the respondents, concerning the appointment of the tenth respondent, and to review and set aside the first respondent’s decisions in this regard.”

“The parties reached an agreement in respect of the above-mentioned dispute, and the matter has become fully and finally settled on the terms as contained hereinafter.”

The parties, according to the settlement, agree that the dispute as well as any and/or all ancillary matters pertaining to the aforesaid dispute, has become fully and finally settled. “The parties herewith agree that this agreement shall be made an order of court.”

“Council shall appoint the tenth respondent (Kanime) and/or another as the Chief of City Police regularly, as per regulation 5 (1) of the Regulations for the Municipal Police Services made under the Police Act, 19 of 1990.”

This comes as former City of Windhoek Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Kahimise’s own case against Kanime has also been withdrawn, Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu revealed to Windhoek Observer.

“On the 12th of November council resolved that the case be withdrawn and that the regular appointment of Kanime be started thereof,” the Mayor said.

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