Kapofi admits that some veterans are suffering….promises to do better

Stefanus Nashama

Defence and Veteran Affairs Minister, Frans Kapofi has admitted that a number of war veterans are still languishing in poverty as their status is yet to be recognized by the government.

Kapofi, in an exclusive interview with this publication said that war veterans living in challenging conditions will be attended to by the government, but that it may time some time, as the government has many other responsibilities to attend to.

“We therefore cannot finish all veteran claims in one go. The government will assist, but if what the government is offering is not enough for them, then they should also understand. I do not think it is correct to say the government is not doing anything when there are many social grants for veterans,” he said.

Kapofi added that the government budgets funds for war veteran projects every year and that the recognized war veterans are on the payroll of the government.

“I doubt there is any recognized war veteran who never received anything. When war veterans are registered, they receive up to N$2000, and upon the approval of their full registration, they are issued with veteran numbers and get paid up to N$50 000. We are addressing different cases of war veterans every day. We talk to them on a daily basis. They receive money every month,” he stressed.

Various allegations have it that some war veterans who fought for the liberation struggle are neglected by the government and as such have not been recognized. Tegelela Simaneka, who is part of the children of the liberation struggle claims that some people who are believed to be war veterans are still living impoverished lives. Simaneka, in an interview yesterday said she is aware of two known war veterans who to date have not received war veteran status.

In response, Kapofi said he only deals with war veterans who are recognized, and who are allocated veteran numbers.

“I deal with those that are recognized. Such war veterans should be identified with their veteran numbers to find out what happened,” he concluded.

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