Kapofi advocates for the apolitical stance of the NDF

Niël Terblanché

In a message during the annual staff meeting at the defence headquarters in Windhoek, Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, reminded members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) of the imperative to remain politically neutral, emphasising their role in maintaining peace and stability.

The meeting, attended by all senior officials of the ministry, served as a crucial platform for the exchange of information and updates on the ministry’s strategic plans and objectives.

Kapofi defined the scope of political non-involvement for NDF members, highlighting that their engagement should be limited to exercising their voting rights.

He explicitly warned against participation in political activities, including attendance at political events, sporting political insignias, and engaging in political debates on social media platforms.

This directive aims to preserve the impartiality of the defence force, ensuring it remains a bastion of stability and peace, unswayed by political affiliations.

While addressing the ministry’s financial prudence, Kapofi stressed the importance of judicious use of allocated resources, which are inherently limited.

He advised against wastefulness in all forms, from the misuse of food supplies to unnecessary vehicular usage, emphasizing the need for careful management to extend the lifespan of resources and assets.

Kapofi said the guidance reflects a broader strategy to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability within the defence force.

The meeting also emphasized the role of the Department of Veterans Affairs in providing respectful and dignified services to veterans.

Kapofi’s call to honour the sacrifices of veterans underscores the nation’s gratitude towards those who have served, acknowledging their contributions to Namibia’s freedom and sovereignty.

Kapofi commended the soldiers for their exemplary performance during the planning and execution of the state funeral for the late President Dr. Hage Geingob.

He said the acknowledgement serves not only as a tribute to their professionalism and capability but also as a testament to the NDF’s critical role in national ceremonies and events.

Kapofi also pronounced a clear vision for the NDF: a force characterized by its apolitical stance, operational prudence, and unwavering respect for veterans.

The directives and commendations issued by the minister reflect a commitment to maintaining the NDF’s integrity and effectiveness, crucial for Namibia’s continued peace and stability.

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