Kavango East Regional report found wanting

Martin Endjala

The Kavango East Regional Council 2021/2022 financial year report came under fire today in the National Council chambers from MPs, who were not happy saying it lacks indepth information and statistics relating to various projects.

Abner Shikongo expressed disappointment in the manner the report was put together stating that it failed to identify the large population components of urban development.

Ngunaihe Ueutjerevi stressed the importance of the report to enable the MPs to make informed decisions and to also make recommendations towards developing the regions and ironing out pertinent challenges affecting the country.

Further pointing out that the information detailed in the report is dissatisfactory. Activities taking place and regional development projects are also not well defined in the report, leaving MPs to have nothing to work with or to give recommendations.

Another MP emphasized that it seems that the templates used to compile the report is not well understood hence the report found wanting, thus calling on the NC secretariats to provide directives as to how the reports should be compiled.

Other MPs raised issued such as a project that was indicated as 95 percent completed was actually abundant without necessarily clarifying the reasons, as very concerning.

Andreas Uutoni went as far as to state that the report should be referred back to the regional council before the chamber deliberates more on it.

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