Kawana warns police officers over conniving with criminals

Stefanus Nashama

HOME Affairs Minister, Albert Kawana has warned police officers not to collaborate with criminals as this is promoting criminal and unlawful activities.

He stated it is intolerable to find out that some police officers are colluding with criminals and, in some circumstances, even help them flee.

“This has got to stop. As a result, the Inspector-General of Police and the entire Force administration are obligated to guarantee that such dishonest members have no place in the Force and must be dealt with. Police officers must understand that their job is to arrest crimminals and not to help them escape the law,” he said.

The Minister said this last month during the commissioning of a new police station in Nkurenkuru.

He added that the presence of police stations is meaningless unless they are supported by a sufficient number of police officers whose conduct is above reproach and who are completely dedicated to their jobs.

He also pointed out that police officers should view their employment as a calling rather than a job.

He reiterated that the police should enhance civil servants’ working conditions and bring policing services closer to the people, rather than contributing to the increase of crime in society.

The Minister also asked the entire country to play an important role in maintaining peace and stability by taking part in specific policing programmes targeted at providing safety and security in their communities.

“This will ensure that communities protect their own lives and properties through cooperation with the police,” he emphasised.

He recommended residents to report criminal activity on time, saying that doing so increases the chances of crime prevention and/or effective crime battling.

He added that police officers require commitment and unselfish sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty.

“As a result, you should remain committed to providing professional services to all of our people and those who find themselves within our borders at all times,” Kawana said.

He subsequently urged police personnel to be excellent in their performance of their tasks, as this is the only way for the police to earn the faith and confidence of the public.

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