Kawana warns stock thieves

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Albert Kawana, the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, said stock theft which is one of the most prevalent crimes in Kavango West Region should not be tolerated by law enforcement agencies.

“As a rural-based economy, cattle and other stock animals are the farmer’s bank account. Cattle are the livelihood of the rural economy. Stock theft robs rural communities of their livelihood and should not be tolerated by law enforcement agencies.

I, therefore, call upon the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force to ensure that police officers with competency in the investigation of crime are stationed at this place,” he said

Kawana made these remarks while speaking at a handover ceremony for the Namasira Charge Office which was constructed at a cost of N$1 080 900.92

In addition, he urged citizens to support the Namibian Police Force in its quest to prevent and combat crime and to take up the responsibility of helping the Namibian Police Force to create a safer environment for all.

The charge office which was Police Post before, since its existence in the year 2022 is located 75 kilometres west of Nkurenkuru and borders the Kavango West and Ohangwena regions.

Kawana said the handing over of this facility will ensure that policing services such as crime prevention, investigation of any offence or alleged offence and maintenance of law and order are brought closer to the people.

“I was here when the place was destroyed by a storm. I was here for the groundbreaking ceremony. I am here for the inauguration of the charge office. This gives you an indication of the Government’s commitment to the welfare of our men and

women in uniform. I, therefore, have high expectations that the Kavango West Police will continue to be organised and focused on accomplishing the basic mission of the Namibian Police Force by embracing a community-based and problem-oriented policing strategy,” he said.

Furthermore, he said in line with the ministry’s mission and values, the Namibian Police Force, with the assistance of the Central Government, will continue to make progress in respect of infrastructure development for police officers, especially those working in remote areas of our country.

“It is thus, our long-term goal that by the year 2030, Namibia should have adequate facilities and infrastructure, such as state-of-the-art police stations, barracks, office accommodation, police training centres and other police facilities that will in turn be of benefit to the Force and the Namibian nation at large,” note Kawana.

He further highlighted that stock theft which is one of the most prevalent crimes in the area should not be tolerated by law enforcement agencies.

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