Keetmanshoop CEO faces new scandal

Andrew Kathindi

Keetmanshoop Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Desmond Basson once again stands accused of wrongdoing. Allegedly, he entered into an agreement with a property developer without council approval, a decision which may have implications of over N$2 million.

According to information made available to the Windhoek Observer, Basson is accused of signing a cession refund agreement with Duma Tau Property Developers without the authority of the town’s council as per set down procedures.

Documents in possession of Windhoek Observer, shows that an agreement was signed between the Keetmashoop CEO and Duma Tau Property Developers to refund the developers N$2,149,131, “in respect to the costs incurred by the Developer in respect of the construction and installation of electricity services to erven and public open spaces retained by or belonging to Council within the Kronlein Extension 1 township.”

This is despite an initial agreement between council and the developer, that Duma Tau would bear the cost of the electricity connections for the properties that were to be developed.

“We were supposed to receive money for those 130 erven sold but up to date we have not received any money. 110 were already completed and people moved in,” a source known to the Windhoek Observer said.

According to the new agreement that Basson is alleged to have entered, the two parties agreed that “after the transfer of any property, applicable property price shall be paid by the conveyancer to the developer on behalf of council, until the amount (N$2,849,131) has been paid in full where after the property prices arising from subsequent transfers of any property shall again be paid to the council.”

“Keetmanshoop Municipality did not receive any money for the 130 erven sold to Duma Tau. Duma Tau was supposed to install the electricity on their own cost as per the council resolution but see what they signed.”

The allegations against the CEO come as he also stands accused of having awarding a debt collection tender to Redforce Debt Management in 2017, without the town Council approval.

That matter is currently before the courts.

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